About Me

Marius Mateoc is a product designer & front-end developer from Romania that will help bring your ideas to the web.

Over the past 6 years, Marius has applied his knowledge to solve problems in different fields, including health care, engineering, finance, and energy. He also created UI and UX designs for in-house software used by many medium and large-sized companies.

He is passionate about great user experience, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, researching how these technologies would help people build great communities/cities. He dreams of living in a world where technology is used for the greater good and where software that solves real world problems will be accessible to everyone.

In his free time, he prefers going out in nature to hike, swim or ride mountain bikes with his friends. From time to time he likes to play with the latest technologies to see what's new out there and how he can automate repetitive tasks or improve his workflow to increase productivity.

Some of the tools that help him prototype, design, develop and deploy great products include:

  • Asana
  • Photosop
  • Atom
  • inVision
  • GitHub
  • Digital Ocean
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